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Lulububu loves software. We develop apps since the existence of smartphones. Each of our products contains our lifeblood and the experience of more than 400 projects.

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Project presentation

Werbung vorbei?

Our own project "Werbung vorbei?" monitors the german free tv and sends push notifications at the end of ad blocks.

We wrote the app concept, created the design and then implemented it cross plattform for Android and iOS devices.

Diese App ist turbo gut und sehr praktisch... Endlich kann ich die werbepausen sinnvoll nutzen ohne etwas zu verpassen. 100 Punkte!

Project presentation

Draco System Designer

For the IHSE GmbH we developed a configurator , which includes the entire KVM product portfolio of the company and offers customers the possibility to plan projects comfortably and holistically in their browser.

We planned and designed the application and then implemented it based on Symfony and React.

Die Firma Lulububu überzeugt durch große fachliche Kompetenz, sehr gute Zusammenarbeit, tolle Ideen und eine schnelle und lösungsorientierte Umsetzung.

Logo IHSE GmbH

Alexander Reich IHSE GmbH

Project presentation


The app measures height meters mastered on working days and represents the development of the stress pulse. In the ranking, users can compare their performance with those of their colleagues.

The project was designed by the zurgams Kommunikationsagentur GmbH and the physiotherapist Martin Steiner and then implemented by us cross-platform for Android and iOS devices.

Auf die technische Expertise ist verlass. Auch auf den reibungslosen Projektablauf. Die Zusammenarbeit macht Spaß und das Ergebnis ebenso.

Project presentation


The eMobile app allows you to find and book charging stations for electric vehicles of all manufacturers and types.

We wrote the app concept, created the design and then implemented it cross plattform for Android and iOS devices.

I am very satisfied with the result and speed of execution. The working method is well structured and coding is without any spaghetti. You guys really did a great job on this!

Alois Schreiner

Alois Schreiner sympacon-parelex GmbH

Project presentation

Freizeitapp Weingarten

Whether skate contest, festival or concert event: the app gives the users in real time an overview of all activities and events in and around Weingarten. With the practical filter function, the right offer for every age, every taste and every purse size is quickly found.

We wrote the app concept in cooperation with the youth town council, created the design and then implemented it cross plattform for Android and iOS devices.

Die Kooperation mit Herrn Kekeisen und Lulububu Apps UG ‌war von Beginn an sehr professionell und kollegial. Die Ideen und Anregungen wurden blitzschnell und lösungsorientiert umgesetzt. Vielen Dank für eine reibungslose und zuverlässige Zusammenarbeit

Stadt Weingarten

Maximilian Fetzer Stadt Weingarten

Project presentation

bitzilla conference

For Schwäbisch Media Digital Gmbh & Co. KG we redesigned the website of the bitzilla conference and subsequently implemented it for desktop computers and mobile devices.

By using a CMS, the customer can maintain all content independently. The website can be reached under conference.bitzilla.de.

Thomas Kekeisen und sein Team zeigten sich stets sehr kompetent, reagierten auf Fragen und Wünsche durchweg schnell und kooperativ und haben für uns eine Website entworfen, die passgenau auf unsere Wünsche und Anforderungen zugeschnitten ist.

Logo Schwäbische Zeitung

Olivia Schaar Schwäbisch Media Digital Gmbh & Co. KG

What we do

With us you are completely carefree. We pick up on your idea, write a concept and then build a design, an app and backend, install the necessary server infrastructure and hand over your project just in time and completely finished.


From your idea to the finished app

Every project starts with an idea. We take your idea and develop a comprehensive technical concept for you.

1 Idea

After you have given us your idea in text form, we clarify the last questions by phone or at a personal meeting.

2 Concept

We then develop a comprehensive concept that includes a proposal for a screen design and highlights all technical aspects and general risks.



Graphical acceptance

You accompany the creation of the app in real time and can see the current state of development at any time using our project management tools.

3 Wireframe

Based on the technical concept, we develop a series of very concrete suggestions for a color and design concept.

4 Design

We are now implementing each concept developed in the concept with the design you confirmed before. In a flowchart, you can view the screen relations of your app at any time.



Software development

The implementation of the program code is the most expensive part during the creation of an app. We always work with contemporary technologies and concepts.

5 Clickdummy

The previously developed design is implemented as a click dummy and made available to you. You can now use your app and start the first tests.

6 Business logic

We develop the server backend and connect the clickdummy to the server. After this step, your app is basically functional.


Finishing touches

Testing and acceptance

After the implementation, we test the finished product together and take care of the fine tuning in close consultation.

7 Tests and acceptance

You test the developed app with colleagues, friends and family. Together we develop a release-capable and final version.

8 Release

Done. We toggle the switch, bring the servers to production and submit your app to the app stores around the world. Of course we are your partner for maintenance and advancement after the release!


For the implementation of your project, we always rely on the latest frameworks and technologies


We implement complex web applications based on the React framework developed by Facebook.


We develop classic websites using the robust and modern open-source-CMS bolt.

React native

One code, two apps. We basically develop for iOS and Android using the framework React Native.


For classic web applications we use PHP. A widely used programming language with a large community.


Symfony is one of the largest web frameworks and a good choice for stable server solutions.


We are also your partner in classic Android app development.


We implement resource-intensive parts of your infrastructure with high-performance server-side Javascript.


We model classical data structures with the relational database MySQL.


For larger data sets we use the document-oriented database MongoDB.


We have been gathering experience in native app development for iOS since this platform was created.

Amazon Webservices

We will host your products on the highly scalable cloud host Amazon Web Services.


Projects are published and updated fully automatically using build and release processes.

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Write us. We look forward to your inquiry!