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You are a passionate software developer and your interests and commitments in this field has always been above average. You also work privately on your own projects and you can't stop trying out new technologies.

Your portfolio includes advanced experience with object-oriented programming languages. You develop with foresight and your primary goal is to produce maintainable source code.

You love the programming languages PHP and Javascript and of course you also have experience in developing websites based on HTML and CSS.

Working with frameworks such as Symfony, React and React Native are no new territory for you and the correct use of git is also mandatory for you.

You are eager, purposeful and have the ability to work yourself into new technologies and challenges independently or with only small assistance.

You also have a permanent residence in Germany and are fluent in English.

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Lulububu loves software. We develop apps since the existence of smartphones. Each of our products contains our lifeblood and the experience of more than 400 projects.

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We're living the digitalization everyone's talking about. Lulububu has no fixed office, you work 100% from your home office in a 40-hour week. Your working day starts at 10 a.m. at the latest.

You keep the contact to your team via TeamSpeak, our projects are well organized via JIRA. We meet sporadically to work together in coworking or hacker spaces.

In addition to our short communication ways and a small team of six, we also provide you a brand new MacBook Pro which you can of course also use privately. In addition we give you all the software licenses you need to have an easy working life.

At least once a year we also try out our life as digital nomads and move our office to the Canary Islands for two weeks - of course at the company's expense!

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